Hamilton Beach 33969 Set n Forget Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach slow cooker33969

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4.5 / 5 stars      

Hamilton Beach slow cookers are just one of the quality models available.  You’ve got Breville, Cuisinart and so many more to choose from, that in the long run it’s just going to come down to a few things.  What’s the right price for you, and what’s the best feature set.

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This particular model, the 33969 Set & Forget is one of the newer Hamilton Beach slow cooker models and addresses a major issue that was a problem with a previous Set & Forget model.  That would be the 33967 model which had a terrible tendency to shut off or power down at random.  Not a very good thing when you’ve left your slower cooker on in the morning, and headed off to work, expecting a cooked meal when you get home.

So, if that’s a fear when looking at the 33969, not to worry.  It seems Hamilton Beach has dealt with the problem.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Pros & Cons

Pros:  clip top lid with full handles — Keep warm feature — Power interrupter — Fully Programmable — Large capacity

Cons: None to speak of


Now what makes this one of the best crock pots – oops, shouldn’t be calling them that, since Crock-Pot is actually a brand name!  What makes this Hamilton Beach one of the best slow cookers on the market?  Well, some great features to start off with.  It’s a fully programmable unit, but also has manual options as well as a meat probe.  It also has a power interrupter, which is kind of ironic, given the issues with a previous model.  The power interrupter will keep the slow cooker powered on even if there is a power surge and a brief lose of power to your home.  And the large, 6 qt pot means you can cook a meal for the entire family – assuming you have a family that isn’t larger than the national average of course!

Other Features Include:

  • Transportable due to full grip handles and a lid gasket that clips tightly closed.  No spills!
  • Capacity to cook a 4 pound roast or a 6 pound chicken
  • Meat probe with thermometer to display cooking temperature of meat

Overall Size:

  • 10 7/16″ W x 16 1/8″ H x 16″ D, weighs 16.63 lbs.

So if you’re looking for one of the best slow cookers on the market, check out the Hamilton Beach 33969.  It’s large capacity makes it a great choice for a family, and it has resolved issues that were prevalent in earlier models.  It’s made the grade and is included in our lineup of small kitchen appliances.

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