Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central Multi-Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer

Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central

5 / 5 stars      

If you’re looking for a slow cooker, why not get more than just a slow cooker with the Cuisinart 3 in 1 Cook Central?  This multi-cooker is a slow cooker, a steamer, and the skillet all in one.

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This new Cuisinart has been on the market for less than a year and it’s a huge hit.  For me, the selling point was not so much the steamer, but the fact that I could brown my meat in the slow cooker first.  Anything that means less cleanup is a plus.  Of course, that’s not its only use.  You can use it as your everyday skillet to do any sautéing that needs to be done.  To use it as a steamer you simply insert the rack, add some liquid of choice, cover it and use.  As far as the slow cooker functionality, it has all your favorite features.  Simmer, low, high, and keep warm settings.

Okay, that covers the basics.  In my opinion, the most significant things to discuss are the fact that this uses a Teflon covered, aluminum cook pot as opposed to the ceramic you’re probably used to, and the amount of energy it uses.  I’m not saying that either of these are bad things, but likely things you want to be aware of before you purchase.

Cuisinart MSC-600 Cook Central Pros & Cons

Pros: All in one slow cooker/steamer/skillet — Dishwasher safe cook pot — Programmable or manual functionality — Sleep mode — BPA free cook pot

Cons: The opposite of energy-efficient — Some may have issue with the Teflon coating

As far as Teflon goes, I’m not here to get entrenched in a debate about whether or not it’s safe.  The very superficial research I’ve done on the issue says that reputable manufacturers of nonstick surfaces have removed all harmful chemicals.  They did this years ago.  If you want more info than that, I suggest you do your own research.  I just wanted to make people take notice that they would not be getting a ceramic cook pot if they purchased the Cuisinart Multi-Cooker.  Having said all that, the cook pot is BPA free.

At a maximum of 1500 watts, this slow cooker uses a lot of energy, assuming you’re using it at high heat.  Since many North American homes have 15 amp circuit breakers, if you’re planning on running this appliance on a circuit with other appliances, there’s a good chance you’re going to keep blowing a fuse.  1500 W is 12.5 amps, so you do the math before plugging this in in your kitchen.  And know that if you use it every day at high heat you’re going to see a difference in your electric bill.

Recommended Add-on:

Another thing I really like about the Cuisinart, is the fact that you can use it to reheat your food.  Simply use the Brown/Sauté setting at 350°, and stir until it’s warm.  Then change it to the Slow Cook/Warm setting and leave it a bit longer.

The manual is well-rounded, giving you guidelines for each of the heat settings, as well as suggested cuts of meat to use for slow cooking.  There are also lots of tips and hints for using the Brown/Sauté or Steamer features.  Oh, and lots of recipes.

All in all I find this to be a fabulous appliance.  And its multi-functionality means you can replace three appliances with One.  That’s a good thing when it comes to storage or countertop space.

Features & Dimensions:

  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Preset functions
  • 24-hour timer
  • LCD display
  • 6 quart capacity (4 quart also available)
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • 12 x 19 x 9.5″ and 18 pounds

My personal rating for the Cuisinart 3 in 1 Multi-Cooker is 5/5.

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