Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-G 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer

20oz Lunch Crock Pot

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4.5 / 5 stars      

Why didn’t they think of something like this years ago?? The Crock-Pot  SCCPLC200 Food Warmer is a cool idea for someone who carries lunch to work.  No microwave in the office, or the lineup to use it a lunch time ridiculously long?  No problem!  Carry your lunch back and forth in the container, and leave the warming base on your desk.

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Oh, and these are a fabulous gift idea, so if you have a bunch of people on your buy list, why not pick up three or four of these and hand them out?

So, what recommends this lunch crock pot other than the fact that it’s very practical?   Well, if you have visions of your workmates hanging around your office or cubicle because they think you’re cooking up or storm, not to worry.  The container seals in all food odours, so you can maintain an office that smells like an office and not a restaurant.  All you need to do is put your food on the warming base and your lunch crock food warmer will have your food warm in time for your lunch break.  And assuming you have a normal size appetite, the 20 ounce container should provide you with a fair size lunch, or maybe enough to share two smaller portions.

Lunch Crock Pros & Cons

Pros:  warm food wherever you are, office, dorm, even your car!  — Save on lunch costs — Stainless Steel liner

Cons: Cord could be longer — Liquids can spill out if tipped over

What else?  No need to worry about burning yourself while your lunch is warming, as the Lunch Crock has a stay cool outer surface.

Here’s something that must be restated though.  This is not a slow cooker!  It is just a food warmer.  It will slowly warm food that was previously cooked.  Slowly.  It’s not a microwave either where it can heat your food up in minutes.

So, if you, or someone you know, take lunch to work on a regular basis, the Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-G Lunch Crock Food Warmer is an outstanding buy.

Features & Dimensions:

  • The Lunch Crock-Pot comes with an inner food container that can be removed and is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a carrying handle for ease of travel
  • Cord storage
  • approximately 8 x 8 x 8″ and 1 1/2 pounds

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