Vornado VH110 Vortex Heater Review

Vornado VH110

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Let’s talk about the Vornado VH110 Whole Room Vortex Heater.  Why?  Because it’s a depressing truth that it’s cooling down outside and we need to start thinking about warming things up inside.  If you have a room that tends to be chilly, the Vornado VH110 might be the answer.

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One word of caution before I go any further.  The VH110 is not recommended for damp locations like your bathroom.  If you are looking to heat your bathroom, you should consider something like the Holmes HFH436.

The first really nice feature of this space heater is the fact that is has side angled inlet vents.  Most have these vents on the back.  The side vents allow you to place this unit closer to a wall – of course you still need to be cautious about sitting it close to combustibles like your curtains.  The other nice feature is that this puppy will put out 120°F air.  Not something you want to be sitting right beside but definitely something that has the guts to heat a whole room.  And maybe even the rooms beside it!

Vornado VH110 Heater Pros & Cons

Pros:  1500 watts – Quiet – Side inlet vents – Small footprint – Can heat a large room

Cons:  None that I could find

Having said that – about the 120 degrees I mean – I don’t recommend leaving this at the high setting.  For a few reasons.  Unless you have money to burn – and if you do, just start a bonfire with it – running this unit on high for extended periods will get pricy.  Of course, that is going to be true for nearly all electric space heaters, so don’t be scared away from this one because of me saying that.  For example, say you pay about 15₵ per KwH for hydro.  That’s about what I pay.  Now say you run your space heater for about six hours a day.  Over the month, if you run the heater on high – the full 1500 watts – it will cost you about $40 on top of your other heating costs.  If you were to run your Vornado at low, which is 750 watts, it will only cost you half that much.

The Vornado comes equipped with an auto shut off which is fairly standard these days, but it does offer tip over protection too.  Should something cause the unit to tip more than 10 degrees, it will shut itself off.  So if the kids or pets knock it over and you’re not aware of it, you can rest easy.  No fires are going to start because of it.  And by the way, if you haven’t already, you can check out the main page of our space heater reviews for further buying tips.

Oh, and about that Vortex action.  It’s not just a cool name for the Vornado.  That Vortex action works to eliminate hot and cold spots in a room by delivering continuous, uniform heat so everyone in the room can feel comfortable.

So to wrap up.  If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive space heater that’s quiet yet has the power to heat up a large room and then some, get yourself the Vornado VH110 Vortex Heater.  My personal rating on it is 5/5.

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