Holmes HFH436-UM Heater Review

Holmes HFH436UM

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5 / 5 stars      

The Holmes HFH436-UM is the perfect choice if you’re just looking for a simple little heater that can be used in a damp room such as your bathroom.

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If you turn your thermostat down at night and the bathroom is still cold when you go to use it first thing in the morning, the Holmes HFH436 is a great solution. Wall mount it our find a place for it on the floor and then set the pre-heat timer.  When you are ready to use the bathroom, it’s already warm.  But note that you’ll need to reset your timer every day.

This heater is 1500 watts on the high setting, which is the exact wattage of some of those very pretty electric fireplaces that cost you hundreds of dollars.  Remember, that wattage is what dictates the amount of heat provided, so this inexpensive little heater will give you as much warmth as something much more expensive.  If you are more interested in heat than aesthetics, keep that in mind.

Holmes HFH436 Pros and Cons

Pros:  1500 watt – Bathroom safe – Wall mountable – Pre-Timer – Cool Touch

Cons:  No tip over auto shut off

One major drawback of this space heater, is the HFH436 doesn’t have tip over protection like the Vornado VH110 does, but since you can’t use that one in the bathroom, I say just go with the feature that is most important to you.  And of course, if you mount this on the wall, have no kids or pets and you’re not a klutz, the chances of you knocking it over are non-existent or minimal anyway.  However, it also lacks any kind of non slip base, and damp tile can get quite slippery, so be mindful of that.

The unit does have a digital thermostat which means you can set it to run at whatever your desired heat or wattage is.  Just remember, the higher the heat, the higher the wattage, the more it’s costing you to run.

All in all, this is a great little heater and the best portable bathroom heater I could find.  At such a great price too!  If you need some extra heat in the bathroom, don’t hesitate on this one.  My personal rating is 5/5.

Features & Dimensions  

  • Bathroom safe ALCI plug
  • 1500 max wattage
  • Pre-heat timer
  • Wall mountable
  • Digital controls
  • Safety features include overheat protection & a CoolTouch plastic housing
  • Dimensions 10.4 x 12.8 x 8.2 inches and 3.4 pounds

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