Space Heater Buying Guide & Tips

Here's a little info to keep in mind before you start reading our space heater reviews. Because you want to buy nothing but the best home appliances, right?

If you have a small space to heat, like that one room in your home that just doesn't ever get warm enough, than purchasing a space heater is the answer. And depending on the space involved, you have a selection of options available to you. If your chilly room is a place where design and aesthetics is important, you might want to look at an electric fireplace. If it's a more utilitarian room, where good looks aren't as important, you have an array of styles to choose from.

Since you're looking for something that gives off heat, consider safety first. Is the heater going in a room where children or pets are going to be? Then make sure you choose something has exposed surfaces that stay cool. And since accidents can happen to anyone, this may be a good idea across the board. Nobody wants to stumble into something that can burn a whole in your skin.

Look for a space heater that has an auto shut-off feature. Whether or not you leave your heater unattended, this is a great safety feature.

Since you likely want your heater to heat up more than the immediate inches around the unit, chose a model that has a fan. Think about it for a minute. If the air isn't being circulated or pushed away from the heater itself, it isn't going to do the rest of the room much good.

The power source of fuel is another consideration. Electric is generally easier since all you need to do is plug it in, but don't disregard heaters fueled by gas. Depending on where you live and the cost of utilities, gas might be a cheaper option in the long run. A nice gas fireplace with a fan would bring warmth to an entire room. If you are going the electricity route, remember that voltage is important. Make sure whatever outlet you plan to use can handle the draw. Space heaters tend to suck a lot of energy, so if the circuit can't handle it you'll be dealing with tripped breakers or blown fuses every time you plug it in.

It's advisable to have a thermostat on your heating unit. This way it will shut off when it reaches a desired temperature. Having the unit run continuously is unsafe and will cost you a fortune in the long run. And talking about costs, please realize that small portable heaters are only intended to give heat to small spaces. If you are spending a great amount of time in one room, then you could save yourself some money by turning down the heat in the whole home and using your space heater instead. If you're leaving the home thermostat where it is and adding a space heater running you will see a notable impact on your electric bill.
Of all types of portable electric heaters, a convection heater is the most energy efficient.

So there you have it. Just some general info to keep in mind when shopping for a space or portable heater.

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