Toro/Lawn Boy 10630 20″ Push Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 10630 Gas Push Lawn Mower

5 / 5 stars      

Please note this is a discontinued model.  It has been replaced with the Lawn-Boy 10730 Series.

Another new lawn mower this season.  It’s the Lawn-Boy 10630 HW (high wheel) 20 inch push mower.  This is the lowest featured model in the new gas-powered series from Lawn-Boy, with the 10634 self-propelled electric start mower being the highest.

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There aren’t that many differences between the two, but the few differences are significant.  The Briggs & Stratton engine in the 10630 comes with 5.5 foot-pounds of torque, as opposed to the 6.25 in the 10634 model.  If we were talking about cars, more torque would mean faster acceleration — at least on paper.  Since we’re talking about a lawn mower you have to push, and not a rear wheel drive mower, that difference is a little irrelevant, at least in my opinion.

Next difference is the wheel size.  The 10630 has front tires that are 8 inch and rear tires that are 11 inch, making them slightly larger than the other lawn mowers in this lineup.  Conventional wisdom states that the larger the wheels on your lawnmower, the easier it is to maneuver, especially if you’re not working over a flat terrain – ie you have a bumpy, hilly lawn.


Lawn-Boy 10630 Pros & Cons

Pros:  Lightweight — Options for side, mulching or side discharge — Relatively inexpensive — Multiple cutting heights

Cons: Side chute not included


As far as cutting heights go, you’ve got lots of choices.  From 1 ½ to 4 inches, so you can pretty much cut your grass to the height you choose.  The Lawn-Boy also has a three in one system that’s ready for mulching, bagging or side discharge.  However, be aware that if you choose the side discharge option, the attachment is not included.  There isn’t a charge for it, but you do need to order it.  If you prefer to mulch, be aware that Lawn-Boy uses a patented system that minces your grass clippings into tiny pieces.

Weighing in at only 55 pounds, this unit is reasonably light and easy to maneuver.  So if you have a small urban lawn, you’re comfortable with pushing your lawn mower around instead of it doing the work for you, and you don’t mind to pull start motor, I definitely recommend this Lawn-Boy gas operated push mower.

Features & Dimensions.

  • 5.5 foot-pounds torque Briggs & Stratton engine.
  • 20 inch cutting with
  • Push propelled
  • Folding handle for storage
  • 2 gallon gas tank capacity
  • High wheels
  • Seven cutting height options
  • Approximately 36 x 21 x 17″ and 55 pounds

If you’re budget minded by choice or by necessity, and you’re okay with using your own power to push around a lawn mower, then I recommend the Lawn-Boy 10630 gas powered push mower.  My personal rating is 5/5.

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