Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

5 / 5 stars      

The Omega C-20C is one of the newest offerings from a company that has a stellar reputation when it comes to juicers. Omega now has two new citrus juicers, and both of them are fabulous!

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The C-20C is a professional grade citrus juicer, meaning you could use it to set up a juice bar if that’s your intent. Not going into business but do a lot of citrus juicing in your own kitchen and want a juicer that’s up to the task? If you want an industrial strength citrus juice that also attractive enough to take a place on your kitchen counter, look no further than this juicer.


Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer Pros & Cons

Pros: 1800 RPMs – Continuous Juicing – Non slip feet – 3 sizes of juicing cones

Cons: Pricy


Another plus when buying a professional grade citrus juicer? You don’t need to keep stopping it like you would with something like the CitriStar, which isn’t to be run for more than 15 seconds at a time. 15 seconds on, and then 15 seconds off. And a burned out motor if you forget. I suppose it’s not really fair to compare a professional citrus juicer to something like the CitriStar when there is NO comparison, but I wanted to point out one of the biggest advantages of buying a citrus juicer that was designed for continuous use.

At 1800 RPMs this is a powerhouse and able to deal with far more than oranges or lemons due to the three different sizes of juicing cones. Juicing grapefruits? Not a problem! The bowl and strainer are stainless steel, and the housing is a lustrous chrome finish.

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So, whether you’re in the business of juice or you just need a heavy duty model for your family, then this is the perfect choice.

Features and Dimensions

  • Easy assembly
  • Continuous juicing ability
  • 1800 RPMs
  • Comes with 3 different sized juicing cones
  • Non Slip Feet
  • Splash Guard
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 15.75″ H x 10 ” Diameter and 22.5 pounds

My personal rating on the C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer is 5/5.

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