L’Equip 306150 480w Mini Pulp-Ejection Juicer

L’Equip 306150 480 watt Mini Pulp-Ejection Juicer

5 / 5 stars      

On the hunt for a great little juicer?  Well, here is an excellent choice, the L’Equip Mini Juicer.

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Just to give you a bit of history on this model first, so as to clear up any confusion, the first generation of this model was the 110.5. It debuted in 2001 and was a huge hit, being awarded with a “best buy” two years in a row. Over the years the L’equip Pulp Extractor Juicer has evolved into an even better juicer. From the 110.5 to the 306150. (Please note that they video demo for this review is on the original 110.5 model)

This little Juicer is a centrifugal juicer so it’s reasonably priced. And at 10,000 rpms it’s also fast. And its small footprint means it won’t take up a ton of counter space.


L’Equip Mini Pulp Pros and Cons

Pros: Stainless steel bowl and strainer! – Compact – Fast – Easy to assemble and clean

Cons: No glass or container to catch juice.


Unlike other juicers in its class, the L’Equip Juicer does not come with a pitcher or any kind of container for your juice to go into. But since I’m guessing you own some drinking glasses, it’s not such a big deal. Just pop a glass under the spout and you’re good to go. If you don’t seem to have any glasses that fit under the machine, chances are you have a measuring cup. That should work.

Since this isn’t a masticating juicer it doesn’t handle leafy, green vegetables like spinach that well, so keep that in mind. It’s also not the best on oranges – actually L’Equip themselves say that you’ll get more juice from an orange using a citrus juicer – so be aware you may get a lower yield then expected if juicing citrus fruits. Please note that I’m not saying it won’t juice citrus fruits. It will! You would just get more juice from an orange using a juicer specific to citrus fruit.

The L’Equip Mini juicer has a stainless steel bowl which is a huge plus. A lot of other juicers in its class have a plastic bowl. The stainless steel makes cleaning up easier, and if you do a lot of things like carrots and beets, you’ll know how badly stained your plastic bowl will become. Not as issue with stainless steel. The strainer is also made out of stainless steel, so cracking isn’t an issue like other models that have plastic strainers. Again, way easier to clean since it isn’t delicate like wire mesh.

There is a built-it safety feature as well. If your juicer isn’t powering up, it’s likely because the latch arms aren’t set correctly. So check the assembly.

As with some other models, you can use a plastic bag in the pulp container of your L’Equip 306150 to lessen the mess.

Features and Dimensions

  • Stainless steel bowl, blade and basket
  • 10,000 rpms
  • 2/3 HP Motor
  • Compact Size ( 7.5×13.5×11.5 Inches
  • Warranty ( Motor/Base 10 Years – Blade/basket 3 Years)

I highly recommend the L’Equip Mini Juicer!  I’m rating it 5/5.  It won’t juice oranges, but it’s not made for citrus.  It won’t juice green leafy vegetables, but then it’s not a masticating juicer.  It does exactly what is marketed for.

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