Juicer Buying Guide

Before browsing through our juicer reviews, it might be a good idea for you to arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge about the different types of juicers available. Assuming, of course, that you haven't already. Briefly, there are masticating juicers, upright masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, wheatgrass juicers and more.

As the name suggests, a masticating juicer will chew up whatever fruit and vegetables you feed it, in a process that breaks everything down, leaving behind a rich juice full of fibre, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. More juice than you would typically get from a centrifugal juicer. Another advantage of a masticating juicer is that it's capable of handling leafy vegetables and grasses like spinach and wheatgrass. Yet another feature of note is that since this type of juicer operates at a lower speed, there is less heat generated. What does that mean for you? That heat burns away some of the nutritional value, so less heat is a good thing. Juice from a masticating model also has a longer storage or shelf life. Some things to keep in mind if you're here checking out masticating juicer reviews.

Having said all that, don't shy away from a centrifugal juicer, since as a juice extractor it has its benefits as well. If cost is an overriding factor, they are generally cheaper than the masticating models. If time is of the essence, than a centrifugal model runs at higher speeds, but keep in mind the drawbacks of that mentioned above. Also, due to the extraction process, there is a much lower yield when juicing leafy or grassy foods. Check our centrifugal juicer reviews against the masticating juicer reviews and make sure you make an informed choice.

So, if you're thinking in terms of best juicers, think instead of what would be the best juicer for your circumstances. Then decide what to buy. Will it be an Omega Juicer? A Jack Lalanne, Cuisinart, Breville, Greenstar or Hamilton Beach juicer? Or maybe all you need is a simple electric citrus juicer.

Hopefully, the following juicer reviews will aid you in making a decision.

And by the way. Just in case you might be looking for any other appliances, be sure to check out our main index of Queue the Reviews.

Big Boss 9358 800w Multi-Speed Stainless Steel Power Juicer

{rating} You need to take a look at this Big Boss 9358 Juicer – assuming an affordable juice that can get the job done is more important to you than the brand name that's attached to it. If you're a big brand snob, move right along. Click for further details and current pricing/deals. This … [Read more...]

Super Angel Juicer 5500 Stainless Steel Twin Gear

{rating} The Super Angel Juicer 5500 isn't for everyone. It's the juicer for those who demand the best and who can afford – or at least those willing to pay for – the best. So, if you're in the market for a budget brand centrifugal juicer because that's all you can afford, stop torturing yourself … [Read more...]

L’Equip 306150 480w Mini Pulp-Ejection Juicer

{rating} On the hunt for a great little juicer?  Well, here is an excellent choice, the L'Equip Mini Juicer. Click for further details and current pricing/deals. Just to give you a bit of history on this model first, so as to clear up any confusion, the first generation of this model was … [Read more...]

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor

{rating} Cuisinart has gained quite a name for themselves when it comes to small kitchen appliances, so it's only right that at least one of our juicer reviews feature a Cuisinart Juicer.  In this case the CJE-1000 Juice Extractor. Click for further details and current pricing/deals.If … [Read more...]

Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer

{rating} Our juicer category wouldn't be complete if they didn't include this Hurom Slow Juicer. Hurom juicers sort of stormed the marketplace in 2012. Click for further details and current pricing/deals. You may not watch Oprah or Dr. Oz but let me tell you, their recommendations and … [Read more...]

Oster 3186 Juice-n-Serve Citrus Juicer

{rating} We're taking a look at another citrus juicer, in this case they Oster Citrus Juicer 3186. As the name suggests, this small appliance will only juice fruits like orange juice. If you are looking for something that will handle an array of fruit and vegetables, please check out the main … [Read more...]

Waring Pro Juicer – JEX328 Health Juice Extractor

{rating} Next up is the Waring Pro juicer. The JEX328 is a centrifugal juicer, and if you've read our buying guide for juicers, you'll know my opinion of this type of juicer and how they match up to masticating juicers. Click for further details and current pricing/deals. Okay, down to … [Read more...]

Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Citrus Juicer

{rating} While most of our juicer reviews deal with bigger models that can handle an array of fruits and vegetables, there are still smaller units like citrus juicers that merit attention. So without further ado, a citrus juicer review! More specifically, the Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Citrus … [Read more...]

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67608

{rating} We now look at the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor. And before we go any further, let's clear up some confusion. What's the difference of the 67650 vs the 67608 you ask? Well, despite that fact that numerically speaking 67608 comes before 67650, the Big Mouth 67608 is the newest … [Read more...]

Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710

{rating} The Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 does so much more than juice! This masticating juicer will produce purees, sorbets, smoothies, baby food, nut butters, and the list goes on. Click for further details and current pricing/deals. Before we go any further, I'd just like to note … [Read more...]

Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro – Stainless Steel

{rating} The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro has been a favorite for the last three years or so, but has recently been upgraded to a stainless steel model, with a few other new features. All Jack Lanlanne juicers are centrifugal juicers. Click for further details and current pricing/deals. If … [Read more...]

Omega VRT330HD Heavy Duty Juicer

{rating} Up next is the Omega VRT330HD Vert. This model is a masticating juicer and just in case you've landed on this page before reading the main page of our juicer reviews section, you should know that in my opinion, for what it's worth, masticating juicers are a better option than centrifugal … [Read more...]

Kuvings NS-850 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer

{rating} There's a relatively new (~ summer 2011) masticating juicer on the market with some exciting features! Most notable, the Kuvings NS-850 Silent Juicer is the first upright juicer that is BPA free! Depending on where you live, you may or may not have heard of BPA, but in a few countries it … [Read more...]

Omega C-10W Citrus Juicer

{rating} The Omega C-10W Professional Citrus Juicer and they Omega C-20C are among the newest in the lineup of Omega Juicers. And if you've spent any time on this site checking out our selection of juicer reviews, you know that Omega makes some of the best juicers on the market today. Click … [Read more...]

Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

{rating} The Omega C-20C is one of the newest offerings from a company that has a stellar reputation when it comes to juicers. Omega now has two new citrus juicers, and both of them are fabulous! Click for further details and current pricing/deals. The C-20C is a professional grade citrus … [Read more...]