West Bend 6111 Indoor Electric Grill

West Bend 6111 Indoor Electric Grill

3.5 / 5 stars      

After having been on the market for several years, the West Bend 6111 Indoor Grill is tried and true. And priced in the midrange of available indoor electric grills, it’s a good choice for the money.

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One of the main features that make the West Bend 6111 unique is that it works toward reducing smoke. The drip pan is designed to allow you to add water to it. Hot grease dripping into water instead of onto hot metal goes a long way in concurring the smoke problem. But if you’ve read our main indoor electric grill reviews page you know that I recommend you do this with whatever indoor grill you buy. The drip tray on the WB 6111 has water level lines. You need to add about 3 cups of water to reach the line, and then you are good to start grilling. Grease will plop into the water which will minimize the smoke but not completely do away with it.

Next, the grilling surface itself is a fairly standard size at 15 x 11 and of course it non-stick. However, a section of the surface is a flat griddle so if you’re looking for a ribbed grilling surface large enough to grill for the family, I would say look elsewhere. But the griddle is a great feature to have included. It’s also dishwasher safe. The handles are heat resistant which is a nice feature.


West Bend 6111 Indoor Electric Grill Pros & Cons

Pros: Dual cooking surface – Heat resistant handles – Lid ( see my lid comments below) – Smoke control feature

Cons: Doesn’t get very hot.


As far as power goes, the West Bend 6111 isn’t exactly a power horse at only 1500 watts. This indoor grill will only give you medium temps at around 325°F and high at around 375°F. Not exactly blazing hot, but it might do for your needs. If you do any outdoor grilling on your gas or propane grill and you want to do the same foods inside with your countertop grill, ask yourself this. Do you ever crank the heat to between medium and high on your outdoor grill for cooking? If so, that is way over 375° and your indoor grill – at least the West Bend 6111 – will not be able to equal that and will not cook like you are used to. The medium temperature on your outdoor grill is likely equal to what the HIGH temp is on the West Bend. So keep that in mind when shopping for an indoor electric grill. If you do need something that has more heat, look at the Emeril Grill. It gets more than a 100° hotter.

Next the lid. Yay, you say, it has a lid. Again, please refer to the index page for this section if you haven’t already and see what I have to say about lids on indoor grills. Yes, the West Bend 6111 Indoor Grill has a lid and if you only ever cook things that are flat – maybe some thin filets – that’s just great. But try to fit the lid over a chunky chicken breast and it just ain’t happening.

So as stated if you are looking for midrange priced indoor electric grill, and don’t need one that get’s searing hot, the West Bend 6111 Indoor Grill is a good choice.

Features & Dimensions

  • 1500 watts
  • Temperature range of 180° to 375°F
  • Dual ribbed and flat non-stick cooking surface measures 15 x x11
  • Glass lid
  • Water reservoir in drip tray reduces smoke
  • Heat resistant handles
  • 14.4 x 22 x 6.2 inches and 11.6 pounds

My personal rating on the West Bend 6111 is 3.5/5

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