Indoor Electric Grill Buying Guide

An indoor electric grill is an essential small kitchen appliance if you live in a climate where you have months of cold and snow that keeps you from using your outdoor grill or BBQ.

Most of your favorite kitchen appliance manufactures – Breville, Cuisinart, Zojirushi, Hamilton Beach and DeLonghi to name a few – will have indoor electric grills of varying kinds. Your options are contact grills that cook via the lid as well, not just the base. These would include Panini or sandwich grills. Often times, indoor electric grills will have removable or changeable grill plates so you also may have the option of making waffles, pressing a sandwich or grilling meat all from the same unit.

While there are some indoor electric grills that are marketed as being smokeless grills, like one of the Sanyo grills, don't be too overtaken by the hype. There is virtually no way any grill is going to be completely smoke free. At least not if you ever plan to grill anything like meat that might have a bit of fat on it, or anything with any butter or any other kind of grease. When fat or grease hits heat it will smoke, there is not getting around that, so by the very virtue of its nature, this kitchen appliance will create some smoke. I'm not saying that you should completely disregard smokeless claims, just that you need to take them with a grain of salt. Smoke will be reduced while using one of these types but not completely obliterated.

Having said the above about smoke, there are some ways to cut down on your electric grill smoking too much. Put a bit of water in the catch pan underneath – if this is the style of grill you have. This way grease lands in the water and not on hot metal, thereby nearly completely reducing smoke. Or don't grill on very high temps. That may help a bit too.

One more thing. Lid or no lid? Okay, lids are great but in many instances you can't use them anyway because they are too shallow to house whatever you are grilling. In my opinion, don't let the lack of lid be a decision killer. Unless you only ever grill very thin portions right in the middle of the grill, for the most part a lid is redundant.

So browse through our selection of indoor electric grill reviews. I'll add my own personal ratings for you to use as a guideline, but as with anything else, only you will know what works the best for your needs and situation. And if you're in the market for anything else that's used in and around the home, why not check out what's to offer from the main section of our site!

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Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Electric Grill

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Emeril by T-Fal Gourmet Griller

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