Broil King PCR-2S Double Burner Hot Plate

Broil King PCR-2S Hot Plate

5 / 5 stars      

The Broil King PCR-25 is one of the newest hot plates from Broil King.  And FYI, this unit may also be known as the Cadco PCR-2S.  They are both the same model and Broil King is a subsidiary of Cadco.

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The Broil King PCR-2S has two cast iron burner plates.  Cast iron is heat retentive and will distribute heat evenly throughout your pots and pans without intermittent hot spots.  However, cast iron takes its time to heat up and again takes its time to cool down.  As far as cool down times go, this shouldn’t be a hard issue to work around, especially for anyone who is used to using an electric range.  You know to use caution as the unit cools down.  My favorite trick is to have a stove top kettle that gets transferred to whatever burner I’ve just cleared.   However, if you plan to be cooking something where the heat needs to be turned down part way through, you probably shouldn’t go with a cast iron burner. The temps do not adjust quickly enough for that.  If you’d like some more general info on what to look for in countertop burners, you can check the index page of our hot plate reviews.

Broil King PCR-2S Double Burner Hot Plate Pros & Cons

Pros: Even heat distribution – 1 1000 watt burner will hold a 12 quart pot –  Non slip feet – Easy to clean stainless steel housing

Cons:  Takes a long time to cool down


For those of you who are thinking of buying a cast iron hot plate such as the Broil King PCR-2S, please be aware that cast iron can rust if not treated properly.  Any of you that have used cast iron pans or who have cast iron BBQ grills know the deal.  The PCR-2S does come with a special coating on the burners that should stop rust, but you need to follow the guidelines in the manual.  When you first get you unit, make sure to 10 it for about 10 minutes without anything placed on the burner.  This will seal the burners.  You’ll get a chemical odor when doing this step, but once it’s burned off, it should be gone for good.

Just as you shouldn’t be using cast iron pans on a glass top stove – and even ceramic tops in some cases – you shouldn’t put glass pots on your cast iron burners and should probably avoid using ceramic as well.

One of the burners on the Broil King PCR-2S countertop burner is 7-3/8 inches and the other is 6 inches in diameter.  The larger burner gives 1000 watts of power and the smaller 650 watts.   The larger burner will handle a 12 quart pot.  Each burner has its own on/off switch and temperature control.  Don’t expect the heat levels to be numbered as they are on your stove.  Instead you’ll get low, medium and high settings.

So, if you’re looking for a portable burner, the Broil King PCR-2S is a great choice – assuming none of the cast iron issues mentioned above will be a problem for you.  This is a sturdy, professional countertop hot plate that would be an excellent addition to any kitchen.  If you feel that you’d rather not go the cast iron route, Broil King has another new hot plate.  Check out the Broil King CDR-1TFBB.  It has a coil burner.

Features & Dimensions

  • Cast iron elements (burners)
  • Even heat distribution
  • 1  1000 watt burner (7-3/8″) and 1 650 watt burner (6″)
  • Non slip feet
  • Signal lights (1 per burner)
  • Apprx 19 x 21.5 x 11 inches and 13 pounds

My personal rating of the Broil King PCR–2S Professional Double Cast Iron Hot Plate is 5/5.

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