Hot Plates: General Info

Need an electric hot plate? Perhaps an induction hot plate? Portable burners have plenty of uses; they're not just for the camper/motor home crowd. And since you're already here looking for one, I don't need to go into the uses.

Here on the main index page of our hot plate reviews, I'll give you a brief overview of some of the things you should look for in a countertop burner and some of the things you may want to stay away from. And during the course of my individual reviews, I may direct attention back to this page.

First of all, our hot plate reviews will include induction burners. What are they and why might you want one? An induction hot plate or burner is made from a magnetic coil of copper wire which serves to directly heat your pots or pans. And note that your pots must be compatible with induction cooking and this generally means that they have a high content of ferrous metal on the bottom. Have lots of cast iron cookware at home? That will work and so will any kind of black metal. Stainless steel pots will need to have an appropriate base. It's the electric current flowing through the pot that that in turn heats your food much quicker than it would using a normal burner.

Our hot plate reviews also include some regular old traditional electric hot plates. If you just need an extra burner or two and don't want to have to worry about what sort of pots and pans to use, these are a great option. Like anything else, there is quite a price range, and more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. You know your needs so find something that works for them and your budget.

Maybe you don't want a hot plate to cook with, you simply want something to keep you food warm. If that's the case you can get electric warming plates or tray. When cooking several dishes on the stove at once, and using the oven at the same time, having a warming plate can be a life saver. Just place your pots or casserole dishes on the warmer until everything else is finished and you're not going to have to serve anything that's cooled down.

One thing to be aware of in general. Electric hot plates can pull a lot of power so be aware of that else you'll have running on the same electrical circuit. Depending on the wattage of your hot plate/burner and whatever else you're running in the kitchen at the same time, you may be constantly running to the circuit breaker in the basement – or where it is in your house. Or it might be fuses you're blowing all the time.

Most, if not all, of the better portable burners have adjustable temperature controls. Stay away from any that only have an on/off switch.

You want to make sure your choice has non skid feet of some kind. This is not the kind of appliance you want sliding away from you as you try to remove a pot of boiling water from it.

An indicator light telling you the unit is on is a good idea too. Having no warning that the hot plate is still on could be a fire hazard.

So there you have it. Please browse through our selection of hot plate reviews. We've only reviewed the best hot plates, so as not to waste your time. If other reviewers have already – and loudly – deemed something as junk, I'm not going to waste my time or yours.

When you're done, why not take a look through the rest of our reviews?

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