STX Dehydra 800W-XLS 10 Tray Food Dehydrator

STX Dehydra 800W-XLS 10 Tray Food Dehydrator

5 / 5 stars      

Writing a review on the STX Dehydra 800w-XLS is almost redundant! If you’ve read my reviews on the STX Dehydra 1200w and the 600w, you already know that I think these are the best food dehydrators on the market. At least of those I’ve reviewed so far.

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But there are some differences between the 600 and 800 watt models, so let me share those with you. First of all, obviously, the STX Dehydra 800 watt has more power than the 600 watt model. The other major difference is the lack of the 4 slot drawer that comes with the STX 600. So if you make your own bread, or even make your own yogurt, I recommend you going with the lower wattage model, because the drawer feature would be one you could use all the time. The other big difference is the inclusion of a 40 hour timer. A great addition!



Pros: 800 watts – Timer – BPA free – Rear/side mount fan – Widely spaced trays

Cons: None to speak of


Another difference is the 800w-XLS is bigger than the 600. The 600w model offers you 10 sq f of drying space, but the 800w gives you 14. This puts it just under the overall size of the Excalibur 3900. And of course, I think this unit is better than the Excalibur.

This model is big so make sure you have the counter space for it. If not, you’ll need to find somewhere else to set it up and run it. I know some people have mentioned just setting up their bigger food dehydrators on the floor, and that’s certainly an option. The overall measurement is 19 x 15 x 19.

A great feature that is very important to a lot of people – it’s BPA free. Another feature is the rear/side mount fan which is optimal. You can find more info on the importance of fan placement on the index page of our food dehydrator reviews if you need it. The 7 inch fan blast horizontal air throughout, providing even airflow. As with the 600W model, the STX 800w doesn’t have a door. The trays are designed in a way to mimic a door, sealing the heat in by themselves. The trays are also fairly widely spaced at 1.75 inches giving you plenty of room for thick slices should you chose.

The openings in the tray are just a tiny bit less than 1 x .5 inches. So you can easily put things like cherries on there, but you would need some non stick sheets if you were going to do something like peas or corn. There are no sheets included with this model, but you can pick them up fairly cheaply at Amazon.

In this day and age most of us consumers have figured out good customer service is almost as equally important as the product we are buying. I have to say that my own dealings with Mercantile Station – the distributors of the STX Dehydra line – as well as the instances detailed by other reviews prove that these guys are trying to carve out a good name for themselves in their niche and are doing a bang up job of it. They are highly responsive and willing to go the distance and beyond to make their customers happy. Unfortunately something that is becoming very rare.

Features & Dimensions

  • 10 trays providing 14 SqF of drying space (15 x 13.5 inches each)
  • 800 watts
  • 7 inch rear/side mount fan
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 19 x 19 x 15 inches and 21 pounds

In my opinion the STX Dehydra 800W-XLS is a way better choice than the Excalibur 3900. And it will cost you less! My personal rating is 5/5.

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