Nesco American Harvest FD-1018P Food Dehydrator

Nesco Food Dehydrator FD-1018

4.5 / 5 stars      

First off, let’s clear up some of the confusion with regards to this Nesco food dehydrator. The GardenMaster. There are a few different model numbers floating around. In some cases you’ll see FD-1010 Pro, others FD-1010 Plus and still others you find FD-1018. In order to get clarity I connected with Nesco directly and talked to their customer service.

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In terms of the food dehydrator itself, they are all the same unit! The difference is what’s included in the package along with the unit. The GardenMaster FD-1018 that Amazon sells, and that I’m referencing here, includes 8 of the trays, sheets and screens as opposed to the 4 that are included in the 1010 models.

Okay, now that that’s cleared up let’s continue on with the actual review.

Nesco FD-1018 Food Dehydrator Pros & Cons

Pros: 1000 watts – Expandable – Not too expensive – Adjustable temperature control

Cons: No timer – Noisy – Fan on bottom


There is no question that the Nesco dehydrator model 1010 (1018) is one of the best food dehydrators on the market. And even though it’s about $100 cheaper, I put it in direct completion with the Excalibur Dehydrator 3900. One huge difference between the two is the wattage. This food dryer is 1000 watts while the 3900 is only 600 watt. But before you get too excited and immediately decide this is the best food dehydrator of the two please note that the Nesco FD-1010 (1018) has the fan positioned on the bottom of the unit, which is not ideal. If you check out the main page of our dehydrator reviews section you’ll see why. Having said that, despite the fan placement, airflow is consistent and flows horizontally across the trays, unlike other models with the fan on the bottom, where you have to constantly rotate the trays. No rotation is necessary with this Nesco food dehydrator.

The tray size of the FD-1018 is about 1 sq f. Tricky to figure out when its round! So 8 trays = 8 sq f compared to the Excalibur’s 15 sq f. But the Nesco allows you to add up to 30 trays, giving you 30 sq f, double the size of the Excalibur. Of course you need to BUY those 22 extra trays so if size is an issue, make sure you do the math between the two units.

The adjustable thermostat tops out at 155° F compared to the 145° on the Excalibur. But remember, with nearly double the power of the Excalibur, the Nesco food dehydrator is going to dry your food out a whole lot faster! This is a great beef jerky dehydrator. It does it in just 4 hours!

There really aren’t any specific negatives with the GardenMaster itself. If I’m going to state one it’s going to have to be about quality control issues, but to be fair, that is pretty much the norm with anything you buy these days. You can spend 40K on a car and still get a lemon and it appears the same is true for Nesco. There is no in between with this model. It’s either a trooper or it dies within a few uses. Fortunately, that only happens occasionally so cross your fingers and go forth to buy it! My personal rating for this Nesco Food Dehydrator model is 4.5/5!

Features & Dimensions

  • 1000 watts
  • 2400 rpm motor and 4.5 inch fan
  • Patented Converga-Flow®
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • 8 trays expandable to 30
  • 8 each screens/sheets
  • Dries in HOURS not DAYS!
  • 1 Sq f per tray
  • 17.5 x 17.2 x 16 inches and 20 pounds

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