Miele CM5200 Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM5200 Countertop Coffee System

5 / 5 stars      

Let’s talk about the Miele CM5200 Coffee/Espresso Maker.  Granted, Miele isn’t the first – or second or third, for that matter – brand name that comes to mind when I think of countertop appliances, but that shouldn’t hold you back from considering this machine.  The name they have built for themselves when it comes to built in appliances applies here as well.

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This espresso maker is a super automatic, meaning you don’t have to worry about all the steps you’d need to go through when using a manual espresso maker.  All of those steps take place within the unit after you press a button.  Easy peasy.  And you can make single or double espressos, cappuccino, latte, and a variety of other milk based drinks – and coffee of course!

Having said that this is a super automatic, that doesn’t mean you’re never going to have to do a bit of tweaking and playing around.  Everyone likes something a little different when it comes to their brew, so you may need to tweak things a bit until you find what works best for you.  Once you’ve determined the correct amount of grinds to use, you can save that setting for future use.


Miele CM5200 Espresso Maker Pros & Cons

Pros:  Super automatic – Large water container – Cup warmer – Pre-brew – Integrated grinder – Dispenses two cups at a time

Cons:  It’s big! –   Can’t use a travel mug – Beware of flavored milks and beans


The removable water tank holds 61 oz of water and is easy to remove and replace.  You also have the option of adding whole beans to the hopper or using ground coffee.  When grinding your beans, you of course have the option to choose your grind from coarse to extra fine.  Brew strength is also adjustable.  Note that if you prefer a stronger brew, you’ll need to change the preset default, which is for normal strength. The manual states that you must not use any beans that have any sort of sugar coating, like caramel, as sugar will not only clog things up, it will damage your machine.  I’d like to add that any beans that seem extra oily will also clog up the grinder, leaving you with a weak cup of coffee.

Another nice feature of the CM5200 is the ability to pre-brew your coffee grounds.  This simply means that once you’ve ground your coffee, you can first moisten it with hot water, then the remaining water is added and forced through the grounds.  This pre-brewing enhances the flavor of the coffee.

Depending on what you’re brewing, the temperature may need to be adjusted and the Miele CM5200 allows you to choose between low, normal and high settings.


Consider the Following:

Keeping your appliance clean and in good working order is important.  You should think of buying the following with your purchase:


Features & Dimensions

  • Included items: scoop, cappuccinatore, stainless steel milk container
  • Super auto, one touch operation
  • 1200 watts
  • 9.1 oz bean container
  • 61 on removable water reservoir
  • Integrated conical grinder
  • Integrated cup warmer and warming tray
  • Custom settings
  • Self cleaning
  • Programmable timer
  • 23 x 15.6 x 16.7 inches and 24 pounds

Queue the Reviews gives the Miele CM5200 Countertop Coffee System a 5/5 rating. 

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