Coffee & Espresso Maker Buying Guide

Before we get into our coffee and espresso maker reviews, Queue the Reviews is going to spend a little bit of time just to give you some info on what to look for when purchasing, and also the difference types of machines available to you.

Likely, most of you are familiar with the drip or filter style coffee makers. These models come in a huge variety of styles and price range, from the very cheap to the very expensive.

Also available over the last couple of years are the new style of pod coffee makers. Mostly single serve brewers, these use either pods which resemble round tea bags, or little cartridges, which contain your coffee grounds.

We also have espresso makers, which again range in price from moderate to the more high-end models, some costing thousands of dollars.

Let's address some of the features of the filter style or drip coffee makers. Perhaps the most obvious choice is whether to go with a coffee maker that has a metal filter or whether you going to use paper filters. As far as the quality of a cup of coffee produced, either are acceptable. There is no noticeable difference to the taste of your coffee. However, there might be some environmental or health issues you want to consider. Clearly, using a metal filter means you're not constantly throwing out paper filters. So if you're doing your best for the environment, then you would probably want to consider using a metal filter. If your major concern is your health than think about going with the paper filter. The oily part of the coffee contains something called cafestol, which is a stimulator of LDL cholesterol. Using a paper filter will absorb nearly all of the cafestol. So if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels, do yourself a favor and go with the paper filter.

If freshness is a factor, and you generally grind your own beans, consider getting a grind and brew coffeemaker. Each cup of coffee will be made from freshly ground beans. Of course, this also means you no longer need two pieces of equipment — one machine to grind your beans and another to brew. Instead, buy a grind and brew coffee maker and save some countertop real estate.

Drip coffee makers also come in a variety of sizes. You can generally find models that will serve either 4 or up to 12 cups of coffee in a pot.

For those who enjoy a stronger, more full-bodied, cup of coffee, you might want to consider percolator. While not as popular as they were decades ago, they are making something of a comeback and there are some nice models available. Percolator's differ from drip machines in that the boiling water bubbles up through a center column and then drips over the coffee grounds, as opposed to the drip filter in which the hot water comes from above and drips down over the grounds.

Another option that is been around for years, but is still quite popular with coffee drinkers is a French press. In this method, course coffee grounds and boiling water are mixed together in a pot and then the grounds are pressed down to the bottom of the pot.

And of course if you want to turn your kitchen into a barista, you want to get an espresso machine. Here you have an array of options and the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to price. First of all you want to decide if you want a fully automatic, semi automatic, or manual espresso machine. And let's not forget the super automatic — the espresso maker that lets you do it all with the push of a button.

While true espresso aficionados will likely go with the manual or semi-automatic machines, I know there are many of you who would prefer the ease-of-use of the fully automatic machine. One thing to watch out for when buying an espresso machine. There's a little bit of marketing propaganda going on in the industry, where certain manufacturers are touting the BAR pressures available on their machines. Frankly, that's irrelevant. Nine BARS of pressure is about perfect for espresso, so anyone that's telling you you want to buy their machine because it will offer 16 BARS of pressure — well that's just crazy.

All right, let's move on to what you really want to read — our coffee maker and espresso maker reviews.

Now for your Coffee/Espresso Maker Reviews...

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