Frigidaire Professional Blender Review – Model FPJB56B7MS

Frigidaire Blender FPJB56B7MS

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4.5 / 5 stars      

Quality for a reasonable price. That’s the best news about this new Frigidaire blender.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking high end blenders but not everyone can afford them and not everyone needs one. For those of you who can afford a bit more than 20 bucks on something that will crap out on you in a year, have a look at the Frigidaire Blender.

Want something powerful enough to crush ice cubes? No problem. Something that can thoroughly blend your smoothies? No problem. At 600 watts of power the Frigidaire blender isn’t anywhere near as powerful as something like VitaMix, Blendtec or Omega blenders can be, but it’s still enough to get every day jobs done.


Frigidaire Blender FPJB56B7MS Pros & Cons

Pros: Glass 56oz container – 600 watts – Stainless steel exterior – Removable blade assembly – Pulse action – Tight fitting lid with removable insert

Cons: None I could find

If you check the index page for this category – blenders – you’ll see a selection of features that I feel make for a great blender. The Frigidaire blender has them all! A glass container, meaning you don’t have to worry about nasty things like BPA. The stainless steel blade assembly is removable, making clean up a bit easier. A 600 watt motor, much better than the 400 or 450 watts a lot of the cheapie blenders have. Oh, and that 600 watts also means your chances of blowing a fuse while using it are a lot less. If you’ve been looking at the blenders that put out 14 to 1600 watts of power, depending on what else you have running on that circuit, you have a big chance of blowing a fuse or tripping the breaker.

The container has a 56oz capacity, making this countertop blender large enough to satisfy the needs of a family. And it has a pulse mode.

So if you’re looking for a mid range blender that has a respectable amount of power and it big enough for your family – or one that just looks awesome and modern – the Frigidaire blender is the right choice. My personal rating on the Frigidaire FPJB56B7MS countertop blender is 4.5/5.

Features & Dimensions

  • Attractive stainless steel exterior
  • 56oz glass dishwasher safe container
  • 5 speeds and 600 watts of power
  • Tight fitting lid with removable insert
  • Pulse option
  • Stainless steel blade assembly
  • 3 foot power cord
  • Dimensions 7 x 15 x 9 inches

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