Blender Buying Guide

No kitchen is complete without a blender of some sort, so browse through our blender reviews to find the one that's right for you. Or, if you're looking for a gift – kitchen appliances make great gifts! – assure yourself that you're giving something of quality.

Before we get to the actual reviews, let's discuss some of the things you should look for when blender.

Since the motor is the most important part of your blender – it's what does all the work – you want to make sure you choose one with a powerful motor. From what research I've done most budget countertop blenders have around 450 watts of power, but that still fairly low. And unless you are looking to buy a personal blender, I would not recommend ever buying a blender with less than those 450 watts. Personal blenders, due to their very purpose generally run at less than 200 watts but you might still want to exercise some caution before you buy one of these. Only you know what you plan to blend, and if you feel that it's something that's going to take some power to break down and blend properly, you might want to forgo the personal blender and step up to a regular fully powered countertop model. It will cost you a bit more at the outset but likely save you a whole lot of wear and tear on your nerves.

Glass containers are always nice, but getting harder and harder to find. But not to worry, I'm not saying plastic containers aren't any good. As long as the plastic isn't flimsy you're good to go. And some of the better quality newer models are BPA free, and I would strongly suggest getting one of those if you can.

Assuming you're not looking for a personal blender, make sure you pick a blender with a large sized container. But something to consider when buying that large sized container is where you're planning on storing it. Make sure you check measurements and assure yourself it will fit under your cabinets – assuming you are keeping it on your counter, or make sure it will fit in whatever cupboard or space you plan to keep it when not in use.

Pulse mode! Don't get a blender that doesn't have a pulse mode. You've got a few options here. Some pulse buttons are a manual operation, meaning that pulse works while you are holding down the button. This gives you a bit more control, allowing you to regulate the timing of the pulse. Other countertop blenders have an automatic pulse mode. You hit the button and the blender starts and stops at whatever the predefined default time the manufacturer has set.

Another few things before we move on to blender reviews. You want to buy a blender that has a tight fitting lid. You don't want that puppy blowing off while you are in the middle of blending something. Think of the mess on your walls! And to aid in keeping your blender clean, make sure you buy something that has a removable blade housing.

Okay, that's a few key things you should be aware of when looking for a new blender. When you are reading our individual blender reviews, I'll either refer and link back to this page, or if I'm talking about a feature not mentioned on this page, I'll go into greater detail on the actual review page.

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