Over the last six years or so we’ve had a number of sites reviewing a variety of items.  From household items to gift ideas.  But we’ve realized that the amount of hours and energy put into several sites would be put to much better use on one site.  So Queue the Reviews was born.

I know I mentioned that we have other sites that focus on gift ideas, but this site will focus on all products used in and around the home.  Whether you store it on your kitchen counter, your closet, or in your basement, garage or shed, we’ll eventually get it reviewed here.  And since our aim is to focus on newer items, we won’t just be pulling reviews from our other sites; we’ll be starting fresh here.  So it’s going to take some time to populate our pages and we ask for your patience.

Ultimately, each section will provide you with an index page, and that page will provide a variety of buying tips and buyer beware points for that particular type of product.  Each section will provide you with our rating on the item being reviewed as well as comparisons.  That will help you make an educated decision before parting with your money.

What do we ask back from you?  If you’re happy with our site, or you just see the value of it, please share us!

All the best…